& El Negro & # 39; Santos and Rodolfo Pizarro encounter everything on Twitter

Antonio Carlos & El Negro & # 39; Santos and Rodolfo Pizarro they participated in a discussion on Twitter, where both the player and the commentator said everything, regardless of whether everyone was reading them.

Hot Luis America vs Rayados; he does not forget that he insulted Pizarro

It all started when a social network user Antonio Carlos Santos in a message about the performance of the Rayados de Monterrey player and the high price they paid for the Chivason which the & # 39; Negro & # 39; replied in a sarcastic and mocking way and called crack and phenomenon for the Mexican player. Suddenly Pizarro reacted in the same way to the former player of the Americas, less his way through Porto.

The anger broke!

The former commentator of TV Azteca has always been marked by comments with a certain mockery against the Mexican, so this time Pizarro did not stop and brought back the ridicule of the ex-player, causing a huge controversy in social networks, which of course followed by several tweeters who did not miss the opportunity to insult the two characters as well.

We will see if Rayados applies a legal measure for his ratification, or just consider it one of the many battles that are now being made on Twitter.

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