Gary Stempel always had the idea to work with a selection B.

With the Spanish characteristic of " Sir "Gary Stamp, the mate of the national team of Panama, referred to the need to work with a selection B.

"I remember when I was in charge of the national team in 2009, I spoke to the president of that moment and I said: look, it's important to always have a B-selection, an alternative, sometimes a training, if there is no FIFA-date, at least against Nicaragua, Costa Rica, with players in the league and keep that level of competitiveness, it is very important to keep the spirit of these players who can reach this level ".

Gary Stempel is very motivated to leave a lot to the selection Panama.

"I had two options, I could say okay you know, I stay here only for Venezuela and Japan and I go home or try to get a job done, try to start something, not just in the field, there are other areas outside the court that we are trying to improve and see if there are things that can be improved at present and if there are changes, the change is good, but at least we are able to do the work that needs to be done at the moment ".

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