Gleyber Torres was reunited with power in Baltimore

August 26, 2018 01:26 AM

If there was a favorable rival to leave a detrimental chain, those were the Baltimore orioles. The one who was the worst team of the Major Leagues in 2018, was the victim of the strength of Gleyber Torres, who unloaded his homerun 19 from the campaign and helped the Yankees win 10-3 in Camden Yards.

For Torres, the homeruns had a special meaning that further contributed to a necessary victory for the donkeys to remain in the bid for the post-season. The rookie ended an 18-day, 14-game series without knowing what it was like to make an exhibition of power.

The day of Torres ended with an unstoppable position to finish 4-2 with his dragged 56 of the year and a scored hat. The Caraqueño has had an improvement during his last challenges that helped him to increase his average of the .258 he had on August 14 to the .267 he is currently exhibiting.

For the Orioles, nothing served the performance of Venezuelan Renato Nunez, who managed to push two of the team's three races in the day, in addition to ending one of his most productive days in terms of hits with three in four chances he had in the squads of the batters.

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