Half Marathon Miranda is approved by international bodies

Everything is ready for the realization of the Half Marathon Miranda, a to be held on 16 September in the municipalities of Libertador, Chacao, Baruta and Sucre, and in which the participation of top athletes and amateur athletes is expected, informed the governor of the entity, Héctor Rodríguez.

During an interview with the Sports for All program, broadcast by Unión Radio Deporte, the regional manager said that this sport event was born with the aim to create competition rooms for professional runners, but also for those who are looking for entertainment and recreation.

In this respect, he indicated that the participation of people of all categories is expected, both free and under-master, master A, B, C, D, E as well as people in wheelchairs.

"We want this half marathon to be consolidated as a permanent agenda for all those years, we work with the mayors of Caracas, so that what the CAF Marathon is not lost and we are ready to work together on the logistic issue. events helps the sporting issue and to place the city in front of the world, that is why the Miranda government is in coordination with the Libertador, Chacao, Sucre and Baruta town halls, so this half marathon will be permanent citizens can use this sporting and recreational activity, "he said.

The Half Marathon is approved by the World Marathon Association and for the International athletics federation (IAF), so that the brands that top athletes make will be certified by both international sports organizations, said Sports Secretary in the entity, Franklin Carrillo

"In the month of February we were visited by the inspector of the World Marathon Association, who was appointed by the governor to certify the marking of the half marathon, his route and distance, on the web page and on the social networks of the board. is certified by the World Marathon Association and the IAF, which means that the rating of all participants in this race is validated, so you do not have to wait for other races or travel to other countries, "he explained.

A next sporting event is the first open water event, a competition that will take place on the coasts of the Barlovento sub-region on 27 and 28 October, as a run-up to the Bolivarian games Valles del Tuy 2021,

Rodriguez indicated that the Tuy will not only organize the sporting event, but also the region of Barlovento, Metropolitan Area and Guarenas-Guatire.

"The open water competitions we want to do in the Barlovento region, as well as the surfing that is planned to be held in Chirimena Baseball, will be held in Valles del Tuy, some of which will be played in the Metropolitan Area, as in Miranda. Park, as well as in Altos Mirandinos and Guarenas-Guatire, for this we will restore all facilities, "he said.

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