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Sport Boys vs. Unión Comercio LIVE LIVE ONLINE they are faced on Saturday in the National Stadium in a game that is valid for the last date of the Apertura tournament (Gol Perú: 17:30). The & # 39; Poderoso del Alto Mayo & # 39; wins 4-2 with a goal from Willyan Mimbela and Carlos Preciado.

Sport Boys vs. Union Commerce: confirmed reconciliations

Sport Boys: Daniel Ferreyra, Carlos Neyra, Nelinho Quina, Martin Chang, Aldair Ramos, Joazhino Arroe, Emiliano Ciucci, John Vega, Piero Ratto, Johnnier Montaño and Maximiliano Velasco.

Trade union: Angel Zamudio, Eduardo Uribe, Jonathan Segura, Edy Renteria, Jesus Rabanal, Juan Morales, David God, Miguel Carranza, William Mimbela, Wilmer Aguirre and Carlos Preciado.

Sport Boys vs. Unión Comercio: minute by minute

In the fight to save yourself from the descent, it is mandatory to add three at home. And more if you have a direct rival in the front. That tastes good Sport Boys, which will be measured today at Union Commerce.

Hope on Guerrero: Swiss Court has not yet taken a final decision

It will not be in Miguel Grau del Callao because of the poor condition of the field. Sport Boys will move to the National and the idea is to add his fourth consecutive home win. There comes a double and the bottom game is Municipal vs.. Sport Huancayo.

If the pink box wins, it needs six points of advantage for Poderoso del Alto Mayo & # 39; and nine for Ayacucho FC, which is on the penultimate place of the accumulated state.

"There is no campaign that is good without being strong at home, at first it took us and we corrected it, we add triumphs and we hope to continue like that", said Emiliano Ciucci.

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