Olympic flame of youth continues tour through Argentina

Buenos Aires, September 10 (Prensa Latina) The flame that will illuminate the Olympic Youth Games in October in this capital, continues today through various parts of Argentina and the day before he made a stop in the beautiful province of Mendoza.

A fertile land for the harvest of grapes and where beautiful wines come from, this time Mendoza opened the way for the athletes who made the eleventh stop of the torch relay with various sporting glories of that city that proudly bore the holy fire.

The boxer Pablo Chacón, winner of the bronze medal in Atlanta 1996; and Ramón Quiroga, his apprentice today, was in charge of raising the Olympic fire in Mendoza.

More than nine thousand kilometers has traversed the flame during his journey through the host country of this amazing event, which brings together more than four thousand athletes from all over the world.

The torch has already visited iconic sites in Argentinean geography, such as the Iguazu waterfalls, the Salinas in Jujuy and after the passage through the Northwest has reached the Cuyo region.

Started on August 5 in La Plata, the Torchlight procession of Buenos Aires 2018 will end in the capital, at the foot of the emblematic Obelisk, where the first kickoff of the matches will be given, in English Olympic Youth Games, which calls athletes between 15 and 18 years old from 206 countries.

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