Peru vs United States: Néstor Bonillo revealed the reason for the great level presented by Luis Advíncula at the moment | Internationally friendly

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The Peruvian national team continues to train in the United States for the friendly match against the local representative. The great victory achieved before Chile, served to confirm the great level of some players, such as that of Luis Advíncula and the physical trainer Néstor Bonillo revealed one of the reasons for the growth of the quick right lateral.

"Bolt & # 39 ;, now shining in the Rayo Vallecano in Spain, is the best moment of his career and assistant professor Ricardo Gareca said that this great improvement is due to a simple reason. "Advíncula makes the sprints better", was the concise and direct expression given by Bonillo to the press about the activities of the players in Peru.

But what are the sprints about and in what ways did Luis Advíncula help? Well, this kind of speed exercises (using weight jackets, elastics, stairs or sand) is done so that athletes can improve their acceleration, because short bursts of speed are a necessity in football. In other words, the & # 39; Ray & # 39 ;, and the one who practices it, will reach its maximum speed much faster.

The technical team of the Peruvian national team and Rayo Vallecano have exploited the main feature of Luis Advíncula and the clear results have been seen in recent months. This Tuesday will have the opportunity to show that growth against the United States, a rival that will not be easy, but neither is it impossible to win.


Luis Advíncula scored with the Peruvian team to Germany, in the friendly match of the month of October.

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