Soccer players from Spain rebel against playing in the US.

The association of footballers from Spain asked the League to cancel a game of the regular season scheduled to be played in the United States

AP | MADRID.- The association of footballers from Spain asked the Spanish League to cancel a match of the regular season scheduled to be played in the United States and he warned that he would not exclude a strike if his demands on these and other issues were not met.

The captains of the clubs of the first division met and said they were against the unilateral decision to play league matches outside of Spain, something that could happen this season as part of La Liga's new 15-year deal, which wants to promote football in North America and improve its image outside of Spain.

The president of the Association of Spanish Footballers, David Aganzo, said the League should have consulted the players before taking "unilateral decisions" to play in the United States, adding that "footballers are not for sale".

"All players are against this, they are surprised and outraged"Aganzo said at a press conference after the players' meeting. "The footballer disagrees with decisions that are made unilaterally, for example about playing games outside of Spain, and we must not forget that we are the protagonists together with fans and referees".

"We are ready to go to the end … Footballers do not just think about money, we think about health, about fans"said Aganzo.

The AFE said that the players have agreed to take a more drastic action if no agreement can be reached. Aganzo indicated that if no solution can be found by the end of September or the beginning of October, players must take action.

He said that a meeting with the president of the League, Javier Tebas, is already planned.

The League announced last week its plans to play a game across the Atlantic. Although he said that the first game could still happen this season, he did not say which teams would be involved or gave other details.

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