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© Reuters The disturbing image left behind by Real Madrid's debut in La Liga

The picture "merengue" had its worst public appearance in almost a decade. Tvn


After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid the great doubt had arisen whether the players with whom the team counts would be able to fill that gap. However, the "meringues" won 2-0 at Getafe on the first day of La Liga and stopped asking questions.

But there was another detail that worried in Spain after the match in the stadium Santiago Bernabéu. And is that Real Madrid had the worst audience in almost a decade in a match of the Spanish league.

The Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo noticed that "Santiago Bernabéu turned away from Madrid, with only 48,446 fans who came to the Coliseo Blanco on Sunday, one of the most loose entries in the competition. In fact, it was the worst influx of people to Chamartín in almost a decade, specifically since 24 May 2009, when 44,270 spectators witnessed the closing funeral season of a white team that fell against Majorca (1-3). It was the last game before Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Real. "


In turn, the portal 20 minutes He stressed that the absence of fans could have been exactly the result of the departure of CR7: "The Bernabéu presents the worst turnout in a nine-year league match ", and added that "The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo is not good about the stands, who also reached the first day of the league after having suffered disappointment, meant the loss of the European Super Cup against Atlético Madrid, his great local rival. At that exit of the Luso it is necessary to add the absence of signing sessions to reinforce the attack, something that is not right in the white parish, and that probably affected the capacity of the first meeting, because new face more would have encouraged people. "

While the Argentine newspaper Olé he asked himself: "Without Ronaldo, do not people go?"


"Without Cristiano Ronaldo, the expectations do not seem to be the same with the Real Madrid fans," said Merengue in his first home game without CR7, which had the worst public attendance of the decade for a league game: 48,466 spectators said: in the Bernabéu against Getafe barely more than half of the stadium's capacity (nearly 82 thousand people come in), "he added.

"The departure of his best player, the recent defeat in the European Supercup against Atletico Madrid and the uncomfortable game schedule (started at 22.15 in Spain) may be some of the reasons why Real Madrid was far from his country's usual call. Since 2009 he has not had such a low turnout when there were only 44,270 people for Mallorca, a number that is still high for the rest of the teams and even for most clubs in Argentine football, "he added. to it.


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