With 67 minutes Elías Hernández was the one who made the difference … together with Alvarado

With his hands over his head, apologize to the fans who cheer him so much with the emerald green shirt; thus celebrated Elias Hernandez a great afternoon that ended with a double, the first with La Máquina.
In the 67 minutes that he played, the "Patrolman" made the emerald defenders suffer because of their virtues and known: speed, technique and great skill to create spaces when it is no longer there.

Hernández, prior to the auction with which he scored the first goal

His departure from the field was a moment of rest for the Greens although not for Pedro Caixinha, because Hernández got a hit and the Portuguese decided to take care of one of his best men.

"(They gave me a battle in one piece, but all good, it's just a precaution," Elías assured in an interview at the end of the game.

The former infielder was one of the remarkable elements in the competition and a detail that could not overshadow the complications of the Azteca stadium.

Elías Hernández scored the second goal

"It was a great game, the team played well and because I had to play in spite of staying at 10, we did not lower our arms and we were strong, so we could manage the game", heavenly player.

His favorite places are still on the edge of the field, although he has shown to Leon that he does not crash when he enters the area, where he determines how a forward party would do it.
On the first goal, Roberto Alvarado gave him a big ball in the area, his first shot Rodolfo Cota bounced but he had enough rest to take advantage of the rebound and score on his head.

In the second he served as a forward more to keep track of Alvarado's escape right this once again focused on the area where Hernández already was and he defined a second-against-post to put the 2-0 on the scoreboard.

What has been done in these five dates, the fans capitalina has not left the team alone, a detail that is important for ex-emerald to keep the right step.

"Everyone is needed to make a good tournament, the team has had a good start and people are present, there is a good time to work in a good way", he concluded.

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