Would you be interested in seeing a fight between Guillermo Rigondeaux and Isaac Dogboe?

Someone will return Guillermo Rigondeaux to his natural division of 122 pounds, but when he does, he will find a young champion coming from Africa and with enormous circumstances that respond to the name of Isaac Dogboe. In an ideal world, this would be worth a fight to see.

If the styles make the fights, as the old matchmakers say, nothing would fit better than the technical precision of Rigondeaux with the merciless power of this crowned Ghanaian who destroyed Hidenori Otake (31-3-3, 14 KO) on Saturday. ), the same age as the Cuban: 37 years old.

Dogboe, who outperformed the experienced Japanese with combinations of fear, is considering big plans and the first is to collect the other three titles available in the super bantamweight category.

Rigondeaux wants, according to his own words, to restore at least the two skeptics that had ever been in his possession. A collision between the two seems inevitable in the not too distant future.

Much will depend on how the situation of the double Olympic champion of Santiago de Cuba in the coming months, many will also depend on the wishes of Top Rank to make this fight. So for the moment everything is in the air.

The powerful promoter once promoted the career of Rigondeaux and allowed him to face Nonito Donaire with disastrous results for the Filipino; but then he accepted the challenge against Vasyl Lomachenko with a terrible result for Cuba.

The truth is that while Rigondeaux was penned at 122 pounds, Dogboe (20-0, 14 KO) attracts a lot of attention, as he was crowned WBO king in April last year by beating Jessie by knockout Magdaleno in a clash with candidacy for the fight of the year.

What happens if Rigo comes back?


With a small margin, Raymundo Beltrán was the favorite to keep his WBO belt and to earn the right to be measured on 1 December to Vasyl Lomachenko, but José Pedraza had another idea in mind.

With sometimes intelligent boxing and delivered to others, the Puerto Rican surpassed the unanimous decision of the Mexican Beltrán, who showed the championship rounds clearly to show a marked deterioration.

The match was very similar until the 10th round, but in the 11th Pedraza he threw Beltran with an uppercut to the canvas and in the 12th he closed at full speed with a spectacular rally to leave nothing to the imagination of the judges.

Pedraza endorsed that of seizing the opportunity when it is presented. His next fight could bring him the bag of his life and a fight for the story.

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