Avoid more than 50% of homosexuals in Chile to show their affection in public for fear

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SANTIAGO (Spoetnik) – 53% of the young gay men who were interviewed in a poll in Chile said they avoided expressions of affection towards other men in public for fear of being attacked, reported the movement for homosexual integration and liberation (Movilh).

"53% of respondents avoid expressing their affection in public to men who like them for fear of being attacked or threatened," said Movilh Health Manager, Diego Rios, at the presentation of the survey.

The Movilh authorities, along with the Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, presented on December 27 the results of the first survey conducted in this country on the behavior of young men who have sex with other men.

The study was conducted in Santiago with 1200 young people aged between 15 and 29 with different sexual orientations, but especially homosexuals and bisexuals.

Among the figures from Ríos it was striking that 49% of respondents said that they once thought that "it is possible to change their sexual orientation so that men no longer like them".

In turn, 44% claimed to be advised at that time, most of them with their fathers and mothers.

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Similarly, 43% said they had told a friend about their sexual orientation for the first time, and only 10% said they had done it first with a family member.


The Movilh decided to consult in the survey on HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, causes AIDS) in the context of the explosive increase in infections that this country records.

Of the respondents, 78% were of the opinion that campaigns against the virus that the state has conducted in recent years "have not been effective".

The Ministry of Health indicates that in 2017 there were 6,361 new cases of HIV and in the first half of this year approximately 3,849 people closed the virus.

The United Nations Joint Program on HIV / AIDS revealed that Chile is one of 10 countries in the world that registered 50% or more of the new HIV cases between 2010 and 2017.

82% of respondents said they believe that people with HIV are being discriminated against in Chile; 49% said they would have no problem in having an HIV positive partner, and 53% said they would have sex with someone who had AIDS.

Finally, 71% said they had completed the HIV test at least once in their lives.

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The reasons given by those who responded that they had never taken the HIV test were: they do not know where they are studying, they are ashamed or afraid to know the result.

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