Bitcoin arrives at a NASA museum, closer to the moon CriptoNoticias

This cryptocurrency of November 13 bitcoin will be accepted as a payment method in the Great Lakes Science Center, located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The museum is home to the Glenn Visitor Center of NASA.

Visitors can pay access to the museum with the original cryptocurrency. According to a local source, payments can be made via the BitPay mobile application. The adoption takes place a few weeks before the opening conference of Blockland Cleveland, which is held in the same city and in which ecosystem figures such as Nick Szabo and Joseph Lubin participate.

According to Kirsten Ellenbogen, CEO of Science Center of the Great Lakes, "There is a lot of enthusiasm in the conference. "Ellenbogen explained that" accepting Bitcoin is normal a small part of the momentum to develop a blockchain ecosystem in Cleveland".

Ellenbogen stressed that visitors can also pay access to the museum in bitcoins via a mobile application that uses virtual and augmented reality, which was developed by the museum last year. This application is made for visitors to experience, study and evaluate the work of NASA.

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