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Bitcoin exceeds $ 6000 and shows superior push to other cryptocurrencies CriptoNoticias

With a growth rate higher than that of the other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin (BTC) exceeded this important barrier of USD 6,000 this Wednesday evening (8:50 PM, UTC-4), a level it had in mid-November 2018, at a time when there was a decline in the entire market.

At the time this important milestone was exceeded, BTC showed a CryptoCompare increase of 2.3% in the last 24 hours, about 1.5 times the increase in the total cryptocurrency market, which was 1.5%. An hour later, BTC already showed an appreciation of 3.31% and the price was USD 6,079.

After rocking over USD 5900 for much of the day, BTC broke the psychological barrier of USD 6,000 at 8:50 PM (UTC-4). Source: Cryptocompare.com.

When we look at the first 10 currencies based on market capitalization, we see in the CoinMarketCap table that BTC has maintained the highest growth rate in the last 24 hours. with a boom of 3.8%.

The growth advantage of BTC is remarkable in the group of the first 10 cryptocurrencies. It is striking that after the recent maximum of ETH of USD 180, that cryptocurrency today shows a price of USD 172.65. Image: CoinMarketCap.

This return from BTC to USD 6,000, almost six months later, repeats the issue of recent predictions from renowned market analysts who defended the proposition that BTC had already reached a low point.

The price of USD 6,000 is relevant to the evolution of the BTC rate in the last year and a half, after the sharp fall since the beginning of 2018, of the level of USD 17,500 (quote BTC on 06/01/2018), the $ 6,000 represented the support of bitcoin for 11 months, while that downward evolution became more gradual.

btc -enero - 2018 -2019
Until mid-November 2018, the USD 6,000 level represented bitcoin support. Six months later, BTC appears to have formed a valley, but it is still early to confirm. Image: CoinMktCap.

In the period 06-01-2018 to 11-14-2018 the price of BTC deteriorated by 63%. Almost half a year later, the infamous fall of November 2018 has been reversed. With regard to the first of January of this year, BTC has a rating of 61%, a remarkable bloom that coincides with breaking the USD 6,000 barrier.

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