Delsa Sólorzano presented his political party on Thursday

December 13, 2018 01:32 PM
Updated December 13, 2018 13:41

Delsa Solórzano, representative of the National Assembly, presented her political movement to civil society on Thursday.

During a meeting at Plaza Los Palos Grandes in Chacao, the parliamentarian indicated that Encuentro Ciudadano is a movement that ensures the human rights of people.

"Encuentro Ciudadanos is the meeting of Venezuela who fights and vigorously opposes those who are the cause of the hunger of the Venezuelans, we are a political movement that came to fight hard and clearly for human rights." We all have rights, human rights include respect for the guarantee of private property and also our freedom of expression, "he said.

He reminded that the Interiror Policy Commission of the National Assembly will no longer preside.

Solórzano has also indicated that he will fight for a country where every citizen can do what he wants in the context of legality and where he knows he will not steal your money.

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