Dismantled tarantines from the Kay-Kay market in the center of Maracaibo

Kay-Kay & # 39; s informal market came to an end. From 9:00 in the morning of Tuesday, January 1, police forces and staff of the mayor of Maracaibo proceeded to expel the tarantines from the improvised commercial space, the expiry date of which expired on December 31st.

So far 250 posts dismantled with heavy machinery and labor of the & # 39; salserines & # 39; of the municipality are counted.

"We came today to keep our word to continue with the reorganization of the Casco Central de Maracaibo, now on the Kay-Kay market, here we had reached a file with the informal economy, which we qualify as an illegal economy, to bet here until December 31, with some conditions, first of all do not sell cash, do not sell food, do not sell drugs, we say to our great regret, especially the last two weeks of December we began to appreciate that in this market some hawkers, actors of the informal economy, simply contradict the clues and agreements we had reached, "said the Mayor of Willy Casanova.

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