Fernando Colunga REFUSES to have children; this is the reason

One of the most loved and remembered actors of the small screen and melodrama is Fernando Colunga, which can currently be enjoyed in the broadcast of the telenovela “Soy tu duea” in which he shares credits with Lucero Y Silvia Pinal.

But seeing him get married and start a family is a dream many of his followers would love to see come true.


About, Colunga shared in an interview with a digital medium that he is a person who is very committed to his job and that the hours his profession requires make it difficult for him to maintain a stable relationship.

He also assured him that for this reason he had no effort so big, so he turned himself on not to have it sons for now.

While not ruling it out, he knows that his priority is to continue to grow professionally, he also stressed that it is not necessary to have a document that makes a commitment in a relationship, but for now that goal is not within their short-term plans.

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