Filmed video of Demi Lovato kissing her new partner

1 January 2019 04:24 PM
Updated on 01 January 2019 16:34 hours

Fans of American singer Demi Lovato published this Saturday a video on social networks where they seem to kiss with the designer Henry Levy.

In the recording, which was initially published by the designer in an Instagram story, the laughing singer can be seen who gave Levy a kiss in the mouth, assessed Infobae.

The couple was first publicly seen in the city of Los Angeles after the artist left a rehabilitation clinic after a drug overdose.

"If I feel that the world needs to know something, I will do it myself, people, stop writing about my recovery, the case is not from anyone but me, I am sober and grateful to be alive and in able to take care of me ", Lovato published in his social networks after several rumors about his recovery.

With information from Infobae

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