Handball 21 review for PC. Handball returns

Finally, we can return to mimic Juanín García, Alberto Entrerríos or Mikkel Hansen playing handball in this Handball 21 analysis.

It has been four years since we enjoyed a handball title, unlike many other sports, such as golf or tennis. And frankly, it can’t be. So it had to be in this fateful 2020 when fans of this sport have something to celebrate, the return of handball to the world of video games. So what do you think if we stop the nonsense and start sharpening the goal Handball 21 analysis?

Enjoy the games from minute 0

Let’s start with what comes to our mind as soon as we post Handball 21, its menu and game modes. We have at our disposal the typical fast-paced game, in which we can choose a team of up to 8 leagues, including the Spanish Asobal league and the French NHL. Too bad not to have Ciudad Real Handball, what times were those. In turn, we can play in league mode, select a team and fight to win the domestic championship trophy.

Since a sports game cannot be missed nowadays, we of course have the possibility to put together a team from different envelopes, which we will buy with a virtual source. How to Win? Actually playing. From there we can use this team to continue in a competition and win it, because there is no other way.

Last but not least, there is the online mode, in which we play matches against other players, using our custom team or another existing team. I already see everyone using PSG or Barça, but that will make it more satisfying to win with Málaga. There are also several ways to enjoy the game, such as with challenges, which give us envelopes and currency to buy even more. Get all players!

Perhaps if you look at other sports titles, you can miss a mode that focuses on creating a character and their direction, or some national teams. What we have available in Handball 21 is to enjoy from the start of matches and competitions, to play from the moment we turn on the console or PC.

Blessed hip shot

And now we move on to the heart of the matter, to the holy grail of any sports game, its playability. What does Handball 21 offer us in this regard? Well, simple and simple, a handball simulator that is easy to handle and play. And that may seem complicated at first if I take myself as an example. On attack he didn’t give one, he didn’t know how to throw properly, and in defense he was a sniper. But as you play, you start to see that it is easy to control, and in part fun.

I say in part because sometimes the defense (which is more group than individual) does not complete the actions we try. The most normal thing in handball is that there is a lot of contact, a lot of free hit. And here it is true that there is, but sometimes in an unreal way. It cannot be that the pivot point, as soon as it receives the ball, if a rival is nearby, will start making a fuss and leave the area little by little. That I grew up watching Rolando Urios get away from three rivals and score from the ground. Why can’t I do that?

In this case we have the tactical plays for this. If we want to focus our game on the pivot, we will have to make use of these strategies or else I have not achieved it. Maybe I am useless, but I failed. And it’s a shame because in a handball simulator I expected a more polished touch game, and not so generic and not very close to reality.

On the other hand, we have up to three types of throws: ankle, hip, and bounce. God bless the hip shot because it brings me all the wins. It is true that some, like the boat, are more suited to extremes, but with the normal launch I have not been very successful. On the other hand, shooting with the hip makes it mark almost any shot. It saved me a lot of games. What’s more, just before writing this text, I played and scored all the goals with this kind of shot.

In short, the Handball 21 controls are easy to operate, although in some cases, such as on defense, it takes a little more crumbles to make the most of what it has to offer. However, the final feeling is that some actions will not be used, such as stealing the ball.

Referee, contact!

One thing that bothered me initially was the referee, as pushing the player out of the box usually results in a free hit. Instead, in that second game, it was lockout and eventually lockout. In the end I played with two less players.

Apart from all that, and as I said, the contact between players is very simple. In a sport like handball, the battle between players is of the utmost importance, especially in the pivot position. On the other hand, in Handball 21, I didn’t see the ability to win a body ahead of the rival or run over in speed without the recurring contact animation appearing. It is always the same.

On the other hand, the artificial intelligence of colleagues is sometimes dazzling due to absence. Unless we use some tactic, they won’t move away from where they are, waiting for a pass. As for defense, sometimes a little more support from teammates is appreciated when blocking shots.

Halo Infinite will have microtransactions

Finally, the question of keepers. In this analysis of Handball 21, there was one thing that put me, the keepers, off balance. Because all of a sudden there’s a section where both goalkeepers are David Barrufet and José Javier Hombrados, who are puppets for the next minute that won’t stop, even though they’re on the path. The moves they make when it comes to tackling are very forced, and the goalkeeper’s control on some heads-up shots leaves a lot to be desired.

One more thing, I’ve noticed a lot of delays when running with the ball. While it doesn’t affect the game too much, it does get quite annoying. And it’s not because of a lack of PC power, eye. It always happens in the sprint animation on the track.

To round off this analysis, the graphical representation of Handball 21 is a notch below current standards. While it is true that the design of the most famous players is quite reliable, the facial detail is generally very simple. The course is well made, with merchandising and other paraphernalia worthy of a handball match.

An unpolished diamond

Handball 21 again gives us the opportunity to enjoy handball with a simple gameplay for each player, allowing us to enjoy almost from the first minute. However, there are some aspects that need to be polished, as is the case with defensive driving. Also things like the contact between players are not so well implemented and developed that a game based on such a physical sport is required.

However, Handball 21 becomes somewhat addictive as we play, and we know more and more moves, tactics and games. Moreover, it entails a lot of licenses, both for teams and players. Overall, a good handball game, but with some sections to improve into a great handball simulator.

This analysis was realized thanks to a copy of NACON.

Handball 21 Analysis

Handball 21 review for PC

We love

Easy to operate controls

A multitude of licenses and equipment to play

It could be better

Goalkeeper and teammate AI

The simulation of physical contacts, very simple and repetitive

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