International Tourism Fair starts on 22 and 25 November

The Minister of Tourism, Stella Lugo reported Monday that the XIII International Tourism Fair of Venezuela 2018 (Fitven) begins next 22 to 25 November in the Simón Bolívar Park, state Miranda.

From the television program "With Amorín" sent by Venezuelan television (VTV), the minister pointed out that more than 71 countries will be present at this Fair and will participate both ministers and tour operators who will tour different sectors of the country.

He added that this fair wants to show all possibilities Venezuelafrom gastronomy, culture, infrastructure and natural beauties to guests from different countries.

Similarly, he said that the International Tourism Fair will contain presentations that will explain everything related to the cryptocurrency. Petro and the economic zones of the national territory.

He added that they will have 148 Stan from investors, 20 of the gastronomy and 20 in craftsmanship.

In the context of Havana International Fair, The minister confirmed that there are large European investors who, together with the Cuban sector, have entered into strategic alliances in mixed companies or in the operation of Cuban infrastructures.

He also mentioned that Cuba has made a breakthrough in tourism, "everyone you find somewhere in Cuba has the opportunity to talk to you about all its culture, history and friendliness to serve the tourism industry."

In this connection he emphasized that Venezuela It has a wonderful infrastructure and serves tourists in every way.

"The tourism industry is the only one that, despite the difficulties and the economic blockade, can contribute a lot to this economic recovery plan," he said.

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