LEGO The Hobbit free for PC for a very limited time in Humble Bundle

There are many ways to announce a Christmas sale. Giving a game away is one of the best and when it comes to adjustment The Hobbit In LEGO's key we are talking about something that is hard to overcome. The platform Humble Bundle fits everything.

From today and until next Saturday, you can claim your free copy of LEGO The Hobbit, the official video game for PC based on the film trilogy of the same name. A great little adventure with an irresistible discount of 100% compared to the original price of 19.99 euros.

As in the work of Tolkien, in LEGO The Hobbit we will see ourselves traveling with a group of restless dwarfs with the aim of regaining and recapturing the hidden kingdom of the Lonely Mountain.

The fate of Bilbo, the rascal of the sorcerer Gandalf and an unexpected one honey found at the most appropriate time, this adventure will eventually make a complete performance.


To give LEGO The Hobbit access to the game page, identify yourself to Humble Bundle – or create an account in minutes – and claim our free copy.

After this we will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address that we have linked to a password that we can exchange in Steam. From there the game will be ours forever.


Of course you have until December 15th to claim your copy LEGO The Hobbit. As on previous occasions, it is a temporary promotion, so do not leave it until the last minute. We warn you.

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