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Microsoft will improve Paint ig elsiglocomve

Paint was doomed to disappear. The popular Windows program had counted days because Microsoft wanted to promote the use of Paint 3D and only support that app. However, they decided to leave it and a month ago we learned that they no longer intend to eliminate it. Now they have gone a step further and are improving it.

Paint receives improvements in Windows 10

This new improvement reaches all users in just a few days with Update for Windows 10 May 2019. The improvement will be focused to be able use the keyboard more comfortably with the program instead of being dependent on both the mouse or elements and a touch screen to be able to draw faster.

And it is that when we currently use Paint, if we want to select some kind of brush, text tool, or something else, we must use the mouse for it by clicking on the tool icon. This is in stark contrast to Paint 3D. For example, if we press the T, we select the text tool, or if we give the E, we take it to Effects.

The keyboard commands are essential for faster editing and help a lot in programs such as Photoshop. In the case of Paint, although the editions are usually not very complicated, the fact that we can now use the keyboard according to which tools will use us faster.

Speed ​​is one of the points in favor of Paint, because it allows us to quickly change the format to a photo or perform a simple editing without much detail. This is the main reason why users complained that Paint would be removed from Windows 10 3D Paint is more complex, although better and almost more intuitive to use.

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