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NASA researchers discovered a huge crack in Antarctica

One of the regions that is most affected by the greenhouse effect is Antarctica and a recent discovery by scientists from the NASA seems to check this problem.

It is a gigantic cavity of 25 square miles and 980 feet high, which is located inside Thwaites Glacierwhose size would equal two-thirds of Manhattan's surface.

According to experts, this huge crack could be occupied by some 14,000 million tons of ice, which practically melted in the past three years, causing the scientific community to worry.

"The size of a cavity under a glacier plays an important role in the fusion, as more heat and water enters the glacier, it melts faster," he said. Pietro Milillo, one of the specialists responsible for the discovery.

This discovery was achieved thanks to radars that were able to penetrate the ice of the Thwaites glacier, which was already suspected of being firmly attached to the continental bottom.

According to NASA, the Thwaites glacier is responsible for nearly four percent of the sea level rise. In addition, it has enough ice to let the ocean on the earth rise a little more than 2 centimeters.

These and other similar investigations conducted by the US Space Agency emphasize the importance of detailed observations of the bottom of these thick ice masses, to calculate the rate at which sea level will rise as a result of climate change.

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