New Horizons confirmed that the most distant object in the solar system had ever been investigated

When a year is over, we tend to formulate our goals to fulfill for the next. One of the objectives of the NASA for this 2019it is really ambitious: to reach the farthest point on earth, until now.

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We are talking about a celestial body that surpasses Pluton 600 million kilometers and from our planet 6,400 million kilometers, the 2014 MU69. It has the nickname "Ultima Thule" and the probe New Horizons He found it Tuesday.

Ultima Thule is a Greek term used by Roman and medieval geographers for the Far to the north or a "place outside the known world".

the object is part of one of the most remote and enigmatic areas of the solar system, a ring of icy bodies that revolve around the sun and it is known as the "Kuiper belt", In honor of the astronomer who predicted his existence in the 1950s, Gerard Kuiper.

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New Horizons will map the composition of the surface of the celestial body. It will determine how many moons it has and will see if it has rings to the atmosphere. The scientists from Jhons Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and from the NASA They are very enthusiastic about the potential of upcoming discoveries.

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