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"K., you are certainly crazy, because you do not measure the danger that all this implies. However, part of me trusts that I must follow you." -David.

Do you remember when those words came on your screen, coming from an email? Then, so many things you had in mind, words like that just made a leaf fall in the snowstorm that announced a big storm. At what time did you realize that your life would flood and all your good friends would be absorbed. The secret wouldn't last long.

David felt very lonely in that house that blew his last breath. Was it so hard to see him for just one day? Yes, you certainly cannot bear to see the face of someone with whom you have built something big, consumed by misery. So much money he made for you. Yes for you, because it was you who kept the keys to your bitcoins after he died. A deplorable death, shows that even a war veteran can drown in their own garbage. However, you are completely certain that he could not go against his own life as the media said. David, the greatest of people, would be able to do many things, less than that.

Well, not the biggest of the men. The biggest of the men is you. You are responsible for the financial revolution, the maker of a peer-to-peer payment system that has penetrated all parts of the world and that was the most searched term in Google in 2017. It would be a shame that when you decided to come out, everyone showed your true identity, nobody believed you. How many years have you tried, K? When the police were working at your home and you had to flee like a criminal with your laptop in your arms, do you remember all the fear heard in Ro's voice? Luckily you were able to sneak away, but all the miners stayed at home, as irrefutable proof that you were involved with Bitcoin.

What if you had left it there? What would have happened if you hadn't shown up a year later with the statement that you were the real Satoshi Nakamoto and showed proof that it was you who had made the first bitcoin transaction to Hal Finney in block number 9? That was the start of a career as the biggest scammer of all, because many people do not believe your words and claim that you are a fraud. Will Ro believe that you really support that identity? Who in the world will believe you if she doesn't?

& # 39; At night, between nightmares, you remember that day when you uncovered the reasons for coming to the light as the real Satoshi Nakamoto. What led you to send an e-mail with the message "K. is not Satoshi Nakamoto. We are all Satoshi Nakamoto"? If everyone was almost convinced, why would you send a life of fame and wealth to the pipe? Did you like it much more if everything remained ambiguous? step on a wet ledge, a cornice that would not have existed if you hadn't had it built.

If only you could settle for little. You are addicted to Italian lawsuits and cigars. But you are also addicted to titles. As a sign of nobility, you have masters in law, statistics and computer science. There is also an article on the fireplace that you attract as an expert in theology. Inside you know that this is just a test that you need to prove to yourself that the only true God is you, as long as you have the ability to control the world in your impulse. And if the maker of a currency that would shake the global economy, all the tools would be at your disposal. All of the managerial functions you hold would only be completed with an admission to a cyberspace agency and take responsibility for the computer security of an entire nation. Fortunately you have achieved it recently. Are you satisfied with you, K.? Or are you still willing to keep screaming everywhere that you stand behind that pseudonym?

If only it hadn't become your Dorado, like the legend told by the Indians to confuse the conquerors. If someone else appropriates your identity and gets the keys, billions of dollars in bitcoin are at risk. No, you have to protect as much as it calls up all that information. Patent, yes, you must finally patent Bitcoin. It is no longer enough to be responsible for one of his multiple branches. You have to control something that you initially thought was decentralized. If only someone important, other than Gabin and Jhon (to whom you have given a large sum of money) could support your story. If only someone next to them believed in your word.

K. looked in the mirror at a face that had been wiped out so many times that it had been photographed and reproduced on the internet. He spoke those words of reproach in the middle of the morning shave. Sometimes he felt disgusted with the life he had to lead.

Rosa opened the bathroom door in a luxury pent house from X Street in London. Usually her husband didn't spend much time there: he hated the loss of time. In fact it is their hobbies They always had to deal with some extra work. Although she never agreed with the whole issue of Satoshi Nakamoto, she realized at some point that they could earn more money that way to preserve the life they were used to, so she took on herself to help as she did could, as I had done with all other companies.

– Something wrong, honey? She asked with legitimate concern.

– Nothing, it's just that I remembered David this morning, and I imagined how terrible his last hours of life were, connected to that wheelchair and a lame life that not all the codes of the world could change.

– David? Do you think about Satoshi Nakamoto again? … You can't imagine how difficult it is sometimes to marry two different people. I know it was exciting at first, but sometimes … sometimes …

The woman's voice broke into a reproach that had been cooking for years and that after swallowing could not end with saying.

– Easy, Ro. I always remember what I should and should not do. My commitment is with you, with no one else. But you see A lie that everyone regards as true eventually becomes a truth established, Yet?

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, companies, organizations, places, events or facts that appear in the same are a product of the author's imagination or are used in the context of fiction. Any resemblance to people (living or dead) or real events is purely coincidental.

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