Texas Rangers want to trade Lance Lynn this winter

The Rangers de Texas made it clear that they are going to try to change Lance Lynn long before the start of the next season of the MLB.

Lance Lynn was about to be changed during the 2020 season, but the deadline for the change came and the Rangers failed to make a change with another team in the MLB.

Nevertheless, Lynn will be in his last season of contract and Rangers they won’t let him go without using one or two prospects from another team in the MLB.

Lyyn The 33-year old comes off a 6-3 record with a 3.32 ERA with 84 innings thrown with 89 strikeouts.

The Yankees were very interested in taking him over last season, plus, Lynn He already played for the Yankees in the MLB 2018.

Here the report:

In case you don’t remember Lance Lynn He is the rookie to pitch in the 2011 World Series, where he also was champion with the St. Louis Cardinals.

For about 9 years in the MLB, Lynn Once an all-star and World Series champion, now all he needs to do is win a Cy Young to make history in the best baseball in the world.

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