The Big Bang Theory: Fans have solved the mystery about Penny that the series never revealed

Fans of The Big Bang Theory had fun for 12 long seasons. And over time they discovered any kind of plot or continuity errors. But this time, through an important clue, they solved a question the series never answered: Penny’s real last name.

CBS, kept the comedy series that amused fans around the world on air for 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory, presenting a group of scientific friends with their unparalleled witnesses.

Leonard y Penny and The Big Bang Theory

Since the airing of The Big Bang Theory, during development and after the airing ended, fans have been committed to forensically analyzing every detail of the plot down to continuity errors.

However, fans think they’ve discovered the answer to one of the biggest questions that sitcom The Big Bang Theory never revealed during or after its development.

As all fans of The Big Bang Theory know, Penny’s real last name was always a mystery. But Sheldon Cooper’s blonde neighbor’s last name was discovered by a very important clue.

Keeping the mystery in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, to Penny, from Kaley Cuoco She was always called simply Penny, her last name was never known until she married Leonard Hofstadter and possibly took her husband’s last name.

Fans unveiled the greatest mystery The Big Bang Theory has ever revealed; and according to his theory, Penny’s last name is Wyatt

As it turns out, fans of The Big Bang Theory are holding on to a theory claiming that Penny’s full name was first mentioned during the second season of the CBS series.

And this happened in The Big Bang Theory, when Penny involuntarily revealed to the psychiatrist in a therapy session with Leonad’s mother the story of her childhood, recalling the tension between her parents that her mother called. his father as ‘Bob’.

Later, in The Big Bang Theory, Penny’s father came to visit her; it’s about the same character named Bob. At that point, Leonard refers to his father-in-law as Wyatt during a conversation. In this sense, fans of the series assumed Wyatt is Bob’s last name.

According to the compelling theory of The Big Bang Theory fans, it is believed that Wyatt is actually Bob’s last name, and thus also Penny’s. So the blonde’s full name is Penny Wyatt.

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