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The climate in Florida can affect the visibility of the Blood Moon

You've probably heard of the super-moon of the blood-wolf lately, especially if you're an amateur astronomer. Actually, on Sunday night, the superblood of the wolf moon is just a lunar eclipse, a time in which the sun, the earth and the moon are aligned; but the weather in Florida could hide the phenomenon in view of the curious onlookers

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Cloud conditions can prevent residents of southwest Florida from seeing the star phenomenon clearly; that is when the earth blocks the sunlight that would normally be reflected on the moon, so it seems that our natural satellite is enveloped by darkness.

Will it work again?

The meteorologists of National weather service They predict a cloud cover that goes through the south of Florida on Sunday evening and Monday and possibly blocks the phenomenon of the natural blockade of the Moon.

"There will be rain and maybe a thunderstorm or two, but most will leave the area on Sunday afternoon," he said. Paul Close, meteorologist of the NWS in Ruskin. "The majority of the rain should have disappeared in the afternoon, but the clouds will not disappear."

The best view will be in the southeastern United States and Mexico. The cold fronts are expected to cover the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest and the Mid Atlantic, according to various forecast points.

close He said it is likely that the clouds are still here on Sunday evening.

"With the cold air coming from the Gulf of Mexico, we may have clouds on the land," he said. close. "The clouds have to leave at night, but if they continue, it may not be a good season for astronomical observation."

The moon will appear rusty red before and after the maximum solar eclipse, which will take place at 12:12. m. Monday. The total solar eclipse starts at 11:41 p.m. on Sunday and lasts until 12:43 h. In the morning. m. Monday.

Lovers of local astronomy gather in some public places to observe the solar eclipse.

"Unfortunately, we have to wait for bad weather," he said. Brian Risley, chairman of the Astronomical Society from Southwest Florida.

Risley He said that the eclipse will be visible to the naked eye, that binoculars and telescopes are not necessary to enjoy the moon spectacle.

"The moon looks like they have taken a dark bite," he explained. Risley. "And you will really see that the shadow moves through the moon until we reach the total stage, and then it will generally be bright red, and that is why it is called the moon of blood."

Risley He said he will observe the eclipse at Seahawk Park in Cape Coral during an event open to the public.

Let's hope that the climate is condescending to amateur astronomers and that you can enjoy the show of Blood moon.

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