Two police officers in the middle of an altercation fell on each other and a woman was murdered

Events took place on La Rotaria. The officials, one from the Cpbez and the other from the Cicpc, are being held in Zodi Zulia. The victim is a relative of a PNB.

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Old fights. Two police officers, who have been different for some time, met on the morning of Thursday 12-N in the urbanization of La Rotaria, where they organized another altercation.

One of the officers is from the CICPC; the other, a cpbez. “They fell at bat and then there was firing,” Lisandro Cabello, the secretary of the Zulia government, told PANORAMA.

As a result of this embarrassing event, one of the bullets hit a woman who was nearby and sadly died.

Cabello pointed out that the victim is a relative of another official, in particular of the PNB, who has no relationship whatsoever with the protagonists of this situation and those responsible for this death.

The altercation broke out at a gas station and the problem with the police has nothing to do with the gas station, nor with the sale of fuel, the minister said.

Both officers were detained and are under the command of Zodi Zulia’s commander, General Manuel Castillo Rengifo.

The prosecution was made aware of this unfortunate situation, added Lisandro Cabello to this medium.

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