At the right time, the giant Ho Xuan Nang had the same VND 1,600 billion

VCS & # 39; share price of the company Ho Xuan Nang increased sharply and gradually reached 100,000 dong

VCS & # 39; share price of the company Ho Xuan Nang increased sharply and gradually reached 100,000 dong

Money that flowed to the shares in the afternoon session 18/9 helped the index recover strongly.

As a result, the UN index rose by 5.88 points (0.6%) to 993.49, with 183 PhD students outnumbered (Advances) (14 higher) and 104 losers. HNX with 79 shares rose against 67 decliners also fell 0.84 points from 0.74% to 113.6 points.

The liquidity improved considerably. The total trading volume on the HSX amounted to 196.94 million shares, for a value of 4,684.34 billion dong. In the meantime, on the HNX, 629.92 billion dong in payout, 51.44 million shares had been traded.

BID becomes the most impressive code. This increase of more than 1,000 dong contributed 1.13 points to the UN index. In the meantime VNM has contributed 0.91 points to the profit of the index. BVH, VIC, VCB, VJC, GAS … helped the UN Index to establish a stronger momentum.

VCS was also the most impressive gainers in the session. The code rose to VND 4,700, equivalent to 5% to VND98,000 after loss of VND400 (0.4%) in the September 17 session. At the current prices, VCS has risen to 10.86% last week and has increased by almost 16% last month.

In July VCS's shares fell by 23% from early 2018 to 87,000 dong Ho Xuan Nang, chairman of the board of directors of Vicostone, bought 1.65 million shares of VCS To increase the number of shares of 4.03 million shares equal to 2.52% from Vicostone to 5.68 million shares equivalent to 3.55% from Vicostone as currently.

In addition to the direct ownership of 90% of the shares in Phuong Hoang A & A Group, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang indirectly owns 115.2 million VCS shares. The total ownership of Mr. Nang in Vicostone reached 120.9 million shares.

So, with the positive development of VCS, Mr. Ho Xuan Nang raised more than 568 billion in one session. Compared to the value of possessions on the floor of a month ago, Mr. Nang added 1,632 billion.

In the opposite direction, this session witnessed the continued price decline at VHM, MSN, VRE, BHN, SCS, HDB, PNJ … Since these are blue chips, the decline of these shares has led to only Partial restraint.

According to Viet Dragon Securities (VDSC), the cash flow targeting large-cap stocks was a positive factor in the trading session on 18 September. The UN Index has exceeded the important resistance level, so that investors are expected to open positions for shares with a large or medium-sized capitalization.

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