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From 20/9, the project on railway Cat Linh – Ha Dong run test all items (including trains and 11 related equipment), commercial operation after the test run 3-6 months.

Vu Hong Phuong, deputy director of the board of railway projects, said that the construction progress of completed projects was about 96%.

Incomplete items include station architecture, unit depot, depot infrastructure, etc. The reason for this is that the main contractor of China has not been able to import all materials. This unit has been delayed in finalizing the detailed test processing plan, maintenance procedures and certification of system safety certification.

Vegetarian buffet Cat Linh - Ha Dong in September
A view of the street from Cat Linh trains – Ha Dong. photo: Viet Linh.

According to mr. Phuong will carry out the project alignment on September 20, taking all planned items (including train and 11 related equipment) into use. Commercial exploitation is expected to take place after 3-6 months of trial run.

Evaluation on the progress of the project, Minister of Transport Nguyen The Commissioner notes that time has changed but progress can still slow down. The minister requires that the period of six months after the start of the operation is started.

Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway 13 km long, including 12 stations on high. Project implemented by Chinese contractors. The project is expected to be completed from November 2008 to November 2013 with a total investment of more than US $ 552 million (including government funding combined with Chinese ODA loans).

However, with slow progress, until October 2011, the new project officially started and the total investment adjusted to more than 868 million (more than 18,000 billion).

The project was closed by the entire system last July. On 20/8 the main contractor started to carry out a test train.

High-speed train passes the streets of Hanoi

The official train operated by Cat Linh – Ha Dong (Hanoi) will be operated on track before commercial operation.

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