Chairman Ha Tinh explained the work dozens of billions of "swear" after rain

Afternoon 23/8, source of AP The People & # 39; s Committee of the Ha Tinh province has sent a document to the Department of Construction, DARD and the board of directors of the project for the construction of the project for agricultural and rural development (board of directors) to provide guidance from the chairman of the provincial Dang Quoc Khanh related to the channel of the project Thousand – Cam Trang damaged after the heavy rain.

A lot of broken concrete in the ground

Already more than 120m concrete above the surface of the Ngan Trinh channel – Cam Trang passes the Duc Bong municipality, Vu Quang collapsed after a heavy rain caused the construction quality was not guaranteed.

Specifically, according to the contents of the official letter, after reviewing the report of the Project Management Board on the treatment and repair of damage caused by flooding and rain to the Ngan Trinh main channel belonging to the Ngan Trinh Irrigation System Project. Trang, chairman of Ha Tinh Province, has instructed the Department of Construction to assume the main responsibility and to coordinate relevant authorities with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to verify the location and records.

The chairman of the province of Ha Tinh will also manage and supervise the Project Management Board (the investor) in the timely handling and guaranteeing of the quality of the works and in accordance with the regulations.

According to the above document, the chairman of the provincial people's committee instructed the above-mentioned agencies to report to the People's Committee of Ha Tinh province before 31 August.

Previously, like AP It was reported that after heavy rainfall caused by low tropical pressure in mid-181818, the entire canal was more than 200 meters with a total investment of more than 30 billion VND (belonging to the irrigation project of Ngan Trinh). – Cam Trang), the company under construction company Dai An (Dai An Company, Hanoi), irrigation consulting company 2 (Ho Chi Minh City) monitoring landslides, severe collapse.

The ditches were severely cracked after the rain

The ditches were severely cracked after the rain

As a result, the project not only caused major damage to investors and companies, but had to change plans for the early circulation of dams and irrigation systems with a total investment of up to one trillion dong.

Representatives of the board and the construction unit confirmed that the cause of the channel rupture was the result of groundwater in the ground with 25 concrete slabs with a total length of 200 m, to expand the concrete bottom, many broken pieces of inert iron .

However, according to the verification of PV APthe blame for the works that are completely damaged by nature is difficult to accept if the contractor has chosen to heavily damage the package with the canal over a lot of questions. Specifically, after winning the construction contract, the company Dai An has transferred a large workload to Hung Vinh Co., Ltd., block 2, Vu Quang City, Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh, which has never been built. large-scale works such as the canal system that leads to the irrigation project Ngan Trinh – Cam Trang. This subcontracting process completes the final part of the incident.

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