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China promises to sharpen surveillance in the transport sector after a riot phone call with Didi Chuxing has mentioned rape and murder.

On August 27, according to a National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) statement, the country will speed up control of technology vehicles and expand the credit mechanism. in the field of transport. The Social Credit Score System, which is scheduled to launch in 2020, is intended to assess the credibility of citizens through online behavior.

Earlier, a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Public Safety said Didi Chuxing's irrevocable responsibility & # 39; mentioned the 20-year-old female murder case about passenger migration.

TQ talking to the taxi driver after two shots of two passengers 1
The Didi car accident involves two murders of passengers. photo: Reuters.

The incident happened in the context of China is not yet shocked with the same case in May. Two successive issues affect the image of Didi, the company that delivers the world's largest car service. the number of trips and plans to expand globally.

to follow Reuters, Didi began suspending the Hitch service from August 27 for a "disappointing error" while the business model was re-evaluated. According to the company, two directors were also fired.

The police said the 27-year-old driver who was arrested on August 25 was known to have raped and killed passengers.

Didi claimed that the suspect had never committed a crime, had submitted a valid and validated face before he went to work. Yet a former customer once complained that Zhong brought her to a remote area and followed her after she got off the bus.

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Call Didi telephone application on telephone. photo: Getty.

After a 21-year-old female stewardess was killed in May, Didi introduced a series of security measures, including limiting passage time and escort testing. Share your route and destination with urgent contacts in the folder.

The application also removes functions such as image and rating for Hitches and adds a facial recognition requirement for other services, as well as redesigning the emergency search function.

However, the scandal continues to lead to a wave of criticism from the Chinese company. On the social network of Weibo, only in the morning of August 27, more than 5,000 responses have appeared under the official apology post.

"I do not dare to use Didi again," said one writer.

Didi & # 39; s Hitch generic service allows users to make calls via smartphones and with another person on the road. In 2016, the Uber technology stopped their company at Didi, making Didi the largest stock supplier with 30 million visitors per day. In 2017 the company is worth $ 56 billion.

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