Cut Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa tops

In the morning of August 31, Khanh Hoa's construction department sent its staff to supervise the project's high-quality apartment and hotel complex Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa (Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa short, 1 Tran Phu, Xuong Huan Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province The construction of this project exceeds the current two years to begin processing.

Cut the floor with diamond wire

Cuttings of Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa were tested 31-8 early in the morning. The two ends of the road are monitored. Inside, two large cranes take each concrete block that is equal to three people embracing from floor to floor. In addition, each bundle of steel is also lowered and loaded onto the truck. In the afternoon, the concrete cut, the volume cut about 30 blocks.

A project leader from the investor – Dien Bien 1 Construction Private Enterprise – said that the intersection is in the testing phase. The investor hired a unit from Ho Chi Minh City to cut concrete using modern diamond wire cutting machines. Reinforced concrete blocks are cut into small pieces and transported to the ground with the crane.

Cut the tops of Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa - Picture 1.

Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa cuts floors 41-43 after more than 2 years untreated

"This technology is quite modern, it is a very sweet cut, like banana cutting, no chiselling machine, no vibration, no vibration when used to check and fully assess new work. People & # 39; s Committee has accepted this option, "- he said.

In the letter sent to the investor, the Khanh Hoa Ministry of Construction said that the project proposed by the investor of the dismantling of the construction of Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa's violations was reported to the provincial people's committee. On 27 August the province announced the conclusion of the proposal to investors to organize the establishment, verification and approval of demolition plans to ensure the safety of life and health; Ensure environmental hygiene, fire and explosion prevention. The investor must commit to dismantle the works and send them to the construction department of Khanh Hoa province and the People & # 39; s Committee of Nha Trang for inspection and supervision.

"Bomb" floats and causes great damage

Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa approved by the government has a maximum height of 40 stories. The construction of the project in Muong Thanh Khanh Hoa started in 2014. At this moment, the Khanh Hoa building authority has licensed the project with 47 floors and 1 roof. The Lao Volkskrant's article reflects the construction beyond the plan. At that time the building was only built on the 6th – 7th floor.

The People & # 39; s Committee of Khanh Hoa subsequently approved the adjustment of the height of the works, but not approved by the government. In January 2016, the provincial People & # 39; s Committee asked the investor to set the height to the 40th floor – the time from the construction work to the 33rd floor, after which the investor committed to implement the works under the 39th floor. built up to 43 floors. The works were suspended and electricity and water were cut off. From 20 to 2016, the Building Department issued an appendix to adjust the building permit and to bring the project to the right 40 floors.

Tran Van Tho, deputy director of Khanh Hoa's construction department, said that the dismantling of the breached 3 floors does not need to issue more licenses, but that the investor must be responsible for the treatment. "The law clearly states that if the investor violates the law, he / she must prepare the plan and take responsibility for dealing with the violation, Mr. Tho confirms.

Meanwhile, a leader of the Dien Bien 1 Construction Private Enterprise said that the cut is expected to last about 75 days. The company has proposed to cut the floor for almost 2 months to be accepted. "The project has not worked for nearly three years, companies and people have damaged hundreds of billions." The bomb "floats above the head, everybody wants to solve quickly," he said.

Muong Thanh Da Nang still rocked

In the afternoon of August 31, Mr. Tran Van Thanh – chairman of People & # 39; s Committee of My An Ward, district of Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang City – said that the local authorities have filed the files on New Development of Muong Thanh Hotel Complex and High Quality Son Tra (Muong Thanh Da Nang) apartments. At the moment, 104 households in the apartments from the 2nd to the 5th floor of the project have not yet left.

Muong Thanh Danang is also licensed in 2016 by the Department of Construction of Da Nang City with 42 floors and 2 cellars. From the 2nd to the 5th floor, the building is licensed as parking space, kindergarten, swimming pool … The owner has this skill and magic & # 39; however, converted into 4 floors in 104 apartments.

On 22 June, the People's Committee of the Ngu Hanh Son district completed the plan of coercion and decommissioned 104 illegally built apartments in this project, planned for 20 August.

On 19 August the time of the forced removal was detected by the People's Committee of the Ngu Hanh Son district, in addition to violations from the 2nd to the 5th floor, the investor also built some construction articles in the apartment complex. valid license.


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