False detection at Muong Thanh Vien Trieu Project (Nha Trang)

Accordingly, the investor has put two buildings into use in this project, but the acceptance of the project has not yet been completed.

The project Muong Thanh Vien Trieu consists of 3 apartments, commercial services with the designation OC1, OC2, OC3 and a hotel block with the designation OCS. OC1 received a license from the Department of Construction on 27/7/2016, consisting of 2 blocks OC1A and OC1B, with 40 floors (1 technical floor, 1 elevator) and 2 cellars.

OC1A and OC1B are currently ready for use. OC2 received a license from the Ministry of Construction on 01/11/2016, consisting of 2 blocks OC2A and OC2B, with 40 floors and 2 cellars.

On 22/10/2017 the Ministry of Construction granted building permits to adjust the scale of the works from 40 floors and 2 cellars to 40 floors + 1 technical floor and 2 cellars. At the moment OC2B is under construction to the technical floor, OC2A is under construction to the 36th floor.

OCS received a license from the Ministry of Construction at 28-8 with the scale of 40 floors and 2 cellars, currently under construction to the 5th floor. OC3 was issued by the Provincial People's Committee on 7/11/2017 to allow the owner Implementation of a number of tasks, such as cleaning up the site, drilling tests.

False detection at Muong Thanh Vien Trieu project (Nha Trang) - Photo 1.

According to the Department of Construction, the Ministry of Architecture has just sent a letter to the investor of the construction works in the province to check the acceptance of the work in the construction and completion process.

As a rule, the building must be checked before it is put into use. However, some investors still do not comply with this regulation. The acceptance of the Muong Thanh Vien Trieu project falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Construction, as it is the valuer.

The Department of Construction under the responsibility of monitoring has made a registration of the commissioning of OC1A and OC1B buildings, but has not organized the acceptance; Invites the investor to contact the Ministry of Construction to organize the pre-acceptance test. OC2 building has been completed, but there are signs that investors have taken into use before the acceptance of the department will continue to monitor to ensure safety, quality.

The Department of Vien Trieu Nha Trang Joint Stock Company (now Muong Thanh Group Joint Stock Company) has recently decided to impose a fine of 75 million VND on the investor of this project. The sanction decision clearly states that the investor has commissioned buildings without the written permission of the competent government body for OC1A and OC1B.

At the same time, the investor must submit a written request within 15 days to the competent authority for inspection in accordance with the regulations. So far, however, investors have not reported to the authorities as required.

The Ministry has reported to the provincial People & # 39; s Committee proposed two solutions to the violations in Muong Thanh Vien Trieu project. The province is considering granting the provincial inspection to check the level of violation of this project in order to find a solution. Expected on 23/8, the provincial People & # 39; s Committee will convene meetings with departments to solve this problem.

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