Finger group and "detonator" technology

This creates a creative force in the context of the presence of 4.0, not only at national level.

Nguyen Ngoc Huong

Vingroup Corporation has officially signed a cooperation agreement with 54 universities of science and technology that lead Vietnam

In addition to repositioning the future targets, the Group has also signed a cooperation agreement with more than 50 leading universities in Vietnam. Vingroup's investment creates a close link between high-quality human resource training, research and development, new technological innovation and the application of technology to production practices. sustainable development.

The government has made millions

At the signing ceremony, Vingroup Group officially announced its strategic investment in technology – industry with the goal of 2028, Vingroup a technology industry – International, with technology playing the leading role.

But not only Vingroup, prior to the call from Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to get all action engines to Vietnam on the "Ship 4.0" quickly, many technology companies have at the same time announced their willingness to petition. The government must create conditions for people and companies to accelerate can grow.

Nguyen Huong Ngoc

As part of the signing ceremony, Vingroup Group has officially launched 4 units: VinTech Technology Development Company, Large Data Research Institute, High Technology Research Institute and Research Support Fund for Science – Application Technology

During the "High Level Forum and the international exhibition on industry 4.0", under the theme "Vision and pioneering strategy in the fourth industrial revolution", the recent ones expressed their willingness and proposed the solutions of the prime minister to go faster .

Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung also claimed that the country wants to work with other countries to develop advanced technology. The country is under development, there are many problems to solve, we need to attract the best people in the world to solve the problems we have identified through technology, excellent products. Companies that are profitable and have good financial capacity must be pioneers in the research and development of advanced technology, which is also the responsibility of companies in the country.
That is why Hung expects that many companies, especially private ones, will invest in research, particularly high-tech research.

Strategic involvement of the company, Nguyen Viet Quang, vice president cum General manager of Vingroup Group confirmed:Over 25 years of investment and accumulation, so far, Vingroup fully meets the conditions to participate in the technology industry. The strong investment in these two areas not only helped Vingroup to evolve to a new level, but also contributed to the establishment of an industrial-technological ecosystem that contributes to Vietnam's position on the map. technology – industrial world. We regard it as our mission and will do our best to realize this ambition".

Business action

Back to the story of Vingroup, to realize its ambition, the Group has launched many groups of solutions.

With the existing commercial services, the Group continues to promote, improve and improve the quality and efficiency of operations to make financial support of this company for two new segments, but also for the system. It is important to support the research and commercialization of technological and industrial products.

With the industry segment, Vingroup continues to increase the production of cars and produce smart household appliances. Expected at the end of this year, Vingroup will launch smartphones and TV's.

Nguyen Ngoc Huong

Leaders of Vingroup Group exchange cooperation with representatives of university leaders

In particular, Vingroup identifies new key technological areas with new ambitions that can lead to strong investments, including three key areas. The first is to invest in human resources and infrastructure to develop software production with the establishment of VinTech Company, separated from VinSmart Company. The company has established two research institutes, the Large Data Research Institute and the Vin Hi-Tech Institute of Advanced Technology (VHT). The second point is focused research and research of investment centers, applying VinTech City's advanced technology according to the Silicon Valley model in Hanoi. The third point is setting up a Technology Investment Fund with the task of finding cooperation opportunities and developing high-tech, high-tech, artificial intelligence projects.

With the advantage of financial strength, international prestige, effective deployment capacity and diverse ecosystems, Vingroup believes it will become a fuse to activate the creativity of Vietnamese companies to develop sustainably. With support of 3 points: Technology – Industry – Service.

Prof. dr. Vu Ha Van as Director of Research Big Data Research Institute at Vingroup:

Big Data Institute officially introduced in the afternoon of August 21, Big Data Institute under VinTech with the main functions are: Research areas such as Machine Learning, create (Al) …; training a new class of knowledge, dynamic and independent knowledge, combined education with VinUni University; investing in, promoting the development of applied science. Professor Vu Ha Van is one of the leading mathematicians in the field of statistical probability and number theory. Prof. dr. Vu Ha Van has worked at the University of California, Rutgers University, GS Visiting General University Paris and currently teaches and researches at Yale University, USA. In the community of Vietnamese mathematicians at home and abroad, Prof. dr. Vu Ha Van well known outside the Prof. dr. Ngo Bao Chau (Fields Prize), only he has won prestigious international prizes in mathematics. Polya in 2008, Fulkerson in 2012. In 2011 he joined the Scientific Council of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (VIASM) in Vietnam – where Professor Ngo Bao Chau is the director of science.

From 1 January 1976, the Science and Technology Development Fund of the Institute of Big Data will be put into use. Prof. dr. Vu Ha Van said: "The aim of the fund is to support universities and research institutes in developing useful topics for society, and we can guarantee the highest possible salary for researchers and students to earn a living. To implement this chapter, the fund is invested 1,000 billion in three years by Vingroup Group to make changes to scientific life in Vietnam.

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