Gate paralyzed, 0 dong imported for a difficult reason. Vietnam market

Up to the beginning of September, the export sales in the port of Xuan Hai (Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinh Province) amounted to more than $ 2 million, while the import turnover was only $ 0.

Landscape at the Xuan Hai port
Landscape at the Xuan Hai port

Xuan Hai port in Xuan Hai Commune is a river port with two berths, which is considered the second most important shipping channel of this place after the port of Vung Ang.

With a favorable location many years the large volume of raw materials in the country and Laos have been re-exported to China and some countries in the region.

In recent years, however, the import and export of goods in this port tends to decrease. The volume of goods, especially wood from Laos, transit exports should no longer have to work in the port less exciting. At present, goods are mainly exporting through ports, wood chips, coal, building materials, etc.

Present at the port of Xuan Hai in early September, we noticed that the atmosphere here is very quiet. Port area sparse people pass by, only a few normal business activities.

According to statistics from the customs office of the port of Xuan Hai, the export and import of this port reached more than $ 7.1 million in 2017, with exports reaching $ 7.09 million, imports being $ 18,000; In the first eight months of 2018 the export turnover reached $ 2.45 million, while the import turnover was … 0 dong.

Nguyen Manh Huong, head of the customs department of Xuan Hai Port, said that the import / export turnover in ports has been decreasing for many years, mainly due to the channel's entry into the ports. filling up.

"Previously ships with a tonnage of about 3,000 tons still entered the normal port, but nowadays only the ships of less than 1,000 tons can enter the port because of the large canal volume," he said.

The canal is accentuated and influences the circulation of ships with large tonnage.

The sedimentation of the power at the seaport of Xuan Hai has had a major impact on the business community. Thanh Thanh Dat Co., Ltd, for example, has built infrastructure and machines in the port to export wood chips and import goods.

But now, due to the channel growth of this business can not dock Xuan Hai must be forced to change direction to use Cua Lo port for the import and export of goods.

It is difficult for ships and boats to enter the port of Xuan Hai, while the Cua Lo port is about 30 km away, with a convenient infrastructure to ensure that large ships enter the port. weak.

Mr. Le Anh Hai, head of Ha Tinh Port Authorities at Xuan Hai Port, said the results of the survey, the depth of the port from Buoy Zero 0 to buoy No.8 average depth of – 2m, The default depth should be -3 m, so it is necessary to dredge to a depth of -1 m to ensure a good design.

According to him, two years ago a company made a dredging pipe in the harbor to reclaim sand for sale. However, this was stopped after the government issued a decree prohibiting the exploitation of salt sand for sale.

"We have made several requests to open the channel to facilitate large tonnage access to the port, but so far no new projects have been deployed here, and we hope that the site will soon resolve difficulties to accommodate 5,000 ton ships in the port. port, "he said.

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