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On 21/8/2018, VnEconomy introduced the recommendations and investment recommendations of some securities companies on market performance.

After the closing of the trading session on 20 August, the UN Index rose by 0.74 points to 969.62 points. Meanwhile, the HNX-Index gained 0.04 points to 108.06 points.

Go up and challenge the 980-982

(Bao Viet Securities Joint Stock Company – BVSC)

"In the following sessions, the peer review of ETF funds will influence market traffic." With the current situation, the UN Index will continue to rise and test the resistance zone of 980-982. "

Waiting for the information around the psychological 970 threshold

(Bank for investment and development of Vietnam – BSC)

"Investors today retain optimistic sentiment as news of their efforts to slow the escalation of the Sino-US trade war, the Chinese stock market and the dong The dollar against the dollar recovered somewhat, with Turkey temporarily maintaining the exchange rate of the Lira check the.

Foreign investors today were net sellers, the strongest in NVL and VIC. BSC said the market should continue to gather and wait for supporting news around the psychological threshold of 970 points, investors should follow the results of the negotiations with the US Central China this week to consider open as the positive results.

Keep considering to sell

(FPT Securities Joint Stock Company – FPTS)

"The degree of correction has also led to the removal of concerns in the market, but new ones are also emerging in connection with the upcoming ETF structure and trade negotiations." USA – China is likely to take place at the end of the month.

Technically, the loss of momentum of the banking group and sales psychology in the one-month VN30 futures contract accelerates the downward trend of the market.

Waiting for information in the context of the current technical downturn can shorten the odds. That is why investors continue to consider reducing the share of the short-term portfolio, especially the shares have risen sharply in the past period.

The short-term trend moves sideways

(Viet Dragon Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"Volatility in the narrow band and a slight increase in the final trend The short-term trend is flat and the cash flow is continuously moving through different stocks – a good uptrend without too much attention to the index, unless major negative changes occur."

Continue with sidelining

(Joint Stock Company Viet Capital Securities – VCSC)

"Short-term technical indicators of stock indices have changed, although this has not suggested the direction of the next market, in particular VN index signal, VNMidcap still has the status Positive with support at 966-969 points and 995 points.

It is predicted that tomorrow support thresholds of 966 points, 941 points and 107 points of VN-Index, VN30 and HNX-Index can be tested again. In case demand at low prices remains stable, the market will recover at the end of the session, so that VNMidcap can be expected to perform best against the rest. .

Vibrating, around the 970 threshold

(Saigon – Joint Securities Stock Company – SHS)

"The market was uncomfortable today because we were struggling around the benchmark." The cash flow shows signs of weakening below the 20-day average, indicating that psychology is cautious. investors.

In the context that the current short-term trend is unclear and the market may soon come out of the accumulation space, the decision is not to hurry to spend money but beyond the observation of investors understandable. .

Both the UN Index and the HNX Index showed strong demand and supply of fluctuations in the toll and doji pattern today. It will take time for the market to identify the next short-term trend. It is predicted that the UN Index could continue to struggle and vibrate around the psychological threshold of 970 points on August 21st.

Short-term investors maintain their equity exposure during this period at a moderate level and observe the market to make a rational decision. Medium-sized and long-term investors continue to hold stocks that are well-positioned in the portfolio and positive growth prospects in the coming period. "

Market commentary on securities companies cited by VnEconomy is only valid as a source of reference information. Securities firms may have conflicts of interest with investors when making an assessment.

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