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Hanoi Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation – Habeco (BHN share code) has just announced the correction of information on the company financial statements and consolidated financial statements in 2017.

Accordingly, these two reports were checked in early April 1818, but until now Habeco has made a correction of information.

In concrete terms, this means that, according to the figures included in the separate annual accounts for 2017, the total amount to be paid in the year of Habeco is 1.358 billion. After correction, however, the amount to be paid increased by more than 448 billion.

The increase was mainly due to special consumption tax, an increase of almost 373 billion dong, from 1,112 trillion dong to 1,485 trillion dong.

In addition, the claims increased by VND15 billion compared to the previous figures to VND242 billion

In the consolidated financial statements 2017, the VND claim amounts to 3.792 billion, the VND receivable amounted to 263 billion. After the correction, these two increase to 4,240 billion and 279 billion respectively.

Excluding special excise tax after correction of 3.525 billion, while the figure before correction is 3.123 billion.

Habeco said that errors in tax data generated and paid in 2017 are due to "typographical errors".

In 2017, Habeco achieved a turnover of VND 7,867 billion, a decrease of 3%, or 88.7% of the target for the full year. Net profit was 657.8 billion dong, a decrease of 33% or 81.3% of the target. With regard to profit distribution plan, dividend in 2017, Habeco submits to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

By 2018 the company expects to sell 500 million liters, of which 496.3 million liters of beer, an increase of 3.7% compared to the same period and 811.4 billion dollars dong after tax profit, an increase of 28% and the expected dividend percentage. is 20%.

In the stock market BHN reaches its low point, the market price is only 83,000 VND / share, reduced by half compared to the peak that was set at the beginning of the year. Especially as a limited liability company, Habeco's ownership structure has been very weak for many recent sessions. This share has lost liquidity.

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