Kieu Giang rice: no sample taken health

After three days of checking and concluding the number of food additives without labels, invoices and documents originating from Kieu Giang rice (652 Ha Noi Highway, Phuoc Long B district, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City)), the test team still has no samples taken to test.

Guest fell by 1/3

In the afternoon of 23-8, Le Thi Quynh Trang, representative of Kieu Giang rice restaurant, said that the business activities of the Kieu Giang rice fields after the inspection day are still normal.

Overview of Law of HCMC The Kieu Giang bord restaurant on Tran Quang Khai Street (District 1, HCMC) shows sporadic guests. Mrs. Mai (district of Phu Nhuan, HCMC) said that this restaurant had been familiar for a long time. "Every time I want rice, I come here because it's affordable and clean, when I see the news from Kieu Giang plate rice, I use strange additions, I wonder, I think a famous rice restaurant like Kieu Giang can not add any additives. use "- Ms. Mai.

Similarly, Kieu Giang rice restaurant on the parallel road (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) just over a dozen guests in the afternoon. Hoang (district Binh Thanh) said: "The day I go to this restaurant Friends come to visit, I have also invited in this restaurant to eat ribs, spring rolls … Listen hilariously to the news of Kieu Giang rice paper uses foreign material, but I do not believe it, so what to say must wait for the final conclusion of the authorities.

Before that, answer the newspaper workerNguyen Trung Kien, deputy director of Kieu Giang Import Export Trading Service Co., Ltd., owner of Kieu Giang rice field system in HCM City, said it lost one-third of its customers and the prestige of the brand staggered. to lay.

Kieu Giang rice cake: no sample taken - photo 1
Kieu Giang plate rice at Tran Quang Khai (district 1, Ho Chi Minh city), 23-8 hours only few guests. Image: HOANG GIANG

Kieu Giang rice is not right or wrong

"With regard to the incident with the Kieu Giang plate restaurant, we have not yet concluded that we still have to wait for the results of the test and the data showing the origin of the additives." In the afternoon of 23-8, Pham Khanh Phong Lan, head of Ho Chi Minh City's food safety authority, told the information.

"If, I use the word like, the official conclusion of rice plate Kieu Giang use ban on the ban, this is a very serious offense.Because Kieu Giang rice is a big company, it is related to the health of many people", she emphasized Lan.

According to the information that the food safety management in Ho Chi Minh City intentionally hit rice plate "Kieu Giang", Lan said, "If you" hit ", you have to check the whole system of rice board Kieu Giang The inspection of plate rice Kiều Giang is similar to the inspection of food processing companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

"I am also surprised that a well-known company is misunderstood when people get confused, there is no such thing, whether or not the final conclusion awaits" – said Lan.

Meanwhile, Phan Van Quang, head of the provincial food safety management team, said that Kieu Giang Trading – Service – Import – Export Co., Ltd. Kieu Giang rice) has basically supplemented all documents, vouchers regarding food additives.

As reported by PV, all consignments have been sealed, but the inspection team did not take samples to test.

On August 21, the Interim Safety Management Teams in District 2, 9 and Thu Duc checked the Kieu Giang board restaurant (652 Ha Noi Highway, Phuoc Long B district, District 9, HCMC). At the time of inspection, the facility records the use of food additives have no origin. Specifically, the dispatch of 89 trees (sugar and additives) volume of 1029 kg without labels, not invoices, documents proving the origin.

The inspection team has created a record and requested the company to remedy the existing problem and has the responsibility to keep the batch of the sealed goods.

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