Many large stocks lost value, the UN Index rose slightly

(VnMedia) – Acting on the first day of the week (20/8), domestic securities rose slightly. In particular, the UN Index registered less than 1 point when closing the market.

Beginning of work day work, domestic supplies were fairly cautious. Fluctuating trading, causing the index to fall. The highlight of the market is bank shares when they attract a strong cash flow.

At the same time, VNM, VHM continued to move slightly below 500 dong / share. Liquidity has risen sharply compared to the previous trading session.

VN Index increased 3.82 points, equivalent to 0.39% to 972.7 points. The total trading volume was 90.68 million shares valued at VND1,887.77 billion, an increase of 10.65% in volume and 6.2% in value compared to the previous trading day.

Meanwhile, the market on HNX was also struggling strong and the index constantly returned to lower during the morning session. At the end, the HNX index won 0.36 points or 0.33% to 108.38 points. The total trade volume reached 17.68 million units, worth 202.83 billion.

Go to the afternoon session, the stock market on both floors remains weak. Trading activities on the floor took place in stalemate, the number of decliners overwhelmed the code increase. Especially a lot of shares hit the floor and white buyers such as KAC, TDG …

In this trading day, stocks with a large market capitalization and banks continue to diversify between two directions. In particular, BVH reduced by 200 dong / share; CTG reduced by 300 dong / share; HDB down 900 dong per share; HOT down VND1,850 / share; MBB reduced 500 dong per share; REE decreased by 150 dong / share; ROS is 100 dong per share; TRA reduced 1,200 dong / share; VPB reduced 1,100 dong per share.

In the opposite direction, VNM achieved 1,600 dong per share; VHC increased by VND 2,200 / share; PNJ increased by 900 dong / share; MWG increased by 2,900 VND / share; MSN increased 300 dong per share; HCM increased 1,100 dong per share; GAS raises 2,000 VND / part …

With the support of large stocks, the indexes in Hanoi and Hochiminh City rose slightly at the end. Liquidity also rose slightly compared to the previous trading day.

On the trading floor of Hochiminh, the UN Index rose to 969.62 points, equal to 0.74 points, equivalent to 0.08%. The trading volume reached 180.8 million shares, corresponding to VND4,006.388 billion. There were 130 shares higher, 59 shares stood still and 150 shares declined.

Meanwhile, the VN30 INDEX remained at 945.65 points, a decrease of 3.58 points, or 0.38%. The trading volume was 55.6 million shares, which corresponds to VND 1.981.7 billion. There were 9 winners, 4 losers and 17 losers.

On HNX, the HNX Index remained at 108.06 points, a slight increase of 0.04 points or 0.04%. The trading volume reached 31.5 million shares, corresponding to VND 406.985 billion. There were 62 problems higher, 61 stood still and 83 decliners.

HNX-Index also remained at 192.22 points, an increase of 0.63 points, or 0.33%. The trade volume reached 16.1 million units, which corresponds to VND 302,642 billion. There were 62 problems higher, 61 stood still and 83 decliners.

According to FPTS, the stock market did maintain a slight upward momentum, but volatility did not meet the expected return on the price increase.

Ignoring the psychological manipulation efforts of VHM, BID and VCB, the rest of the market volatility is weak and almost no question. Moreover, developments in the market at the end of the session showed that sales psychology is strengthening.

"We are assessing the risk next week in volatility, investors still have to postpone their payouts and follow market movements this week, short-term positions are recommended to reduce the portfolio if the UN Index breaks through under 960," advises FPTS.

Minh Ngoc

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