Many violations in the prevention and control of corruption and land management in Dong Thap – Nhan Dan

There are some shortcomings in the construction of country tariffs, the application of rules for calculating financial obligations, the issuing of prices in violation of regulations … leading to economic offenses with figures exceeding VND 264 billion. In addition, some agencies and units have not paid attention to the reception of citizens, particularly the departments of the province, in which a part of the director of the Department of non-citizen reception day for more than 5 years, such as: Ministry of the Interior, Department of Taxes, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD), Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism …

For the implementation of anti-corruption legislation, Some disadvantages are: the relocation of some units is not paid in the right way; Recruitment and appointment of offenders, in particular the recruitment of officials in departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, including: Subsection of Animal Health, Section of Crop Protection, Subsection of Fisheries and responsibilities of the Ministry The heads of the above subsections and the Director from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In particular, the appointment of the Deputy Head of Civil Affairs Department of the district of Lap Vo, when not qualified, belongs to the head of the Department of Home Affairs and chairman of the People & # 39; s Committee of Lap Vo district .

Premier, Dong Thap Province revised the responsibilities for collective, individual leaders of the provincial People & # 39; s Committee in the occurrence of deficiencies; The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee of Dong Thap directs the collectives and persons involved to review the responsibility and take the form of administrative handling to address the shortcomings and limitations mentioned in the inspection conclusions and minutes. of the inspection team with units and locations. Considering the handling of responsibility for individuals and collectives who violate the anti-corruption law in publicity, transparency of tenders and investments in capital constructions. Regarding the appointment of the deputy head of the Civil Affairs Department in Duong Phu Thoai district, Mr Duong Phu Thoai did not meet the requirements, the PM proposed to cancel the nomination decision and to review the responsibility for the application. . and individual advise and appointed decision makers

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