National holiday 2/9 for rest days?

That is why only a few days come to the holiday 2/9. And according to the labor law employees get a break on 2 September. However, this year, September 2 coincides on Sunday. That is why there will be a holiday break on Monday 3 September. Employees are therefore entitled to a total of 3 consecutive days including Saturday, Sunday and Monday 1, 2, 3/9.

This holiday season is an ideal opportunity for families to picnic or take a short day trip to the resorts in the Hanoi area. There will also be people, or families choose a long trip in this holiday, to the tourist destinations such as Hoi An, Da Nang …

Besides, the opportunity of 2/9 to get here can also be a great day with Vietnam's football club, when just one day before, the evening of September 1 the final match content will be held ASIAD 2018 men's football. Currently, U23 players in Vietnam have won the card in the quarterfinals after crossing U23 Bahrain.

And if the teacher of Park Hang-seo still does wonders to win the championship, just one day before the 2/9, it would be great for the country fun.

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