Petroleum extraction UN Index exceeds 970-VnEconomy

The main market struggled in the morning session, but at the end of the session the index gained light thanks to good oil and petroleum stocks. Bank shares did just as well.

The VN-Index closed 0.39% of the reference price and booked 132 advancers / 117 decliners. This index has been pushed up thanks to oil stocks and VNM.

No GAS, PLX is the most important stock of the UN Index this morning when the 3.12% increase. PLX did not recover well last week and is compensating & # 39 ;. Of course PLX commitments are much lower than those of GAS, but GAS is only 1.35% higher, so the momentum of PLX is slightly larger. PLX increased its capitalization by 2,717 trillion dong while GAS was 2,488 billion dong.

VNM is also a strong stock, but especially capitalization benefits are available. The VNM is only 0.95% higher than the reference price, but thanks to its capitalization GAS is only 25% less than GAS.

With the exception of these three shares, plus 0.23%, the VIC decreased by 0.39%, the BOD increased by 1.61% and the MWG increased by 2.62%. Although the Vn30 basket had 15 gainers / 12 losers, most of them won very lightly. The index also achieved only 0.16% of the reference.

Group of banks is not strong in the morning, is quite differentiated. In addition to BID, VCB increased slightly by 0.32%, STB by 0.45%, MBB by 0.21%, CTG by 0.77%, weaker by VPB by 0.77%; HDB drops 0.7%, TPB drops 0.19%.

The VN30 Index increased somewhat, reflecting the real situation of the blue chips, there were few good stocks, most were sideways around the reference. The large-cap fell only with SAB decreased by 0.56%, VJC decreased by 0.26%, VRE decreased by 0.13%, VPB decreased 0.77%, HPG decreased by 0.27%, NVL decreased 1, 83%.

Due to the lack of strong leading stocks, the increase in VNI was not clear. Petroleum stocks helped the index in the 15 minutes at the end of the morning session with 970 points.

HNX also relies on two major stocks, oil and gas, but the increase is not clear. ACB increased by 0.54%, SHB increased by 1.2%, PVS increased by 2.11%. In addition, VCG increased by 1.76%, VGC by 0.61%, VCS by 0.59%. Core indices rose slightly by 0.33% with 53 shares increased / 62 shares decreased. HNX30 gained 0.64% with 13 gainers / 7 losers.

The width is not tilted on an important market if close fluctuations occur this morning. Liquidity has not improved, even slightly less than 1% compared to yesterday morning. The two exchanges corresponded to only 1.890.7 billion.

Surprisingly, the liquidity of the market is very much dependent on the less important stocks this morning. GEX and SBT were the only two tickers that corresponded to 100 billion dong, equivalent to 119.7 billion dong and 100.3 billion dong. GEX is also expected to enter the basket of ETFs this time and will probably speculate that it is stronger than VHM. GEX increased by 5.6% last week and rose 2.99% this morning. GEX & # 39; s 31,000 VND is also the highest peak in history in early April. The capitalization of GEX is however too small to change the market.

Foreign investors have made net sellers today. At the end of the week they were net buyers, but they were net sellers in the same trend. On HSX the total sales value amounted to 204.1 billion dong, bought at 131.1 billion dong. VN30 basket purchases 70.9 billion, selling 90.2 billion. HNX has bought 1 billion and sold 3.1 billion.

The three largest net purchasing shares were BID, VNM, GEX. The net sales were SSI, VIC, NVL, HPG, VHM, CHP, HAG.

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