Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, was disciplined

Monday 10/09/2018 20:10 PM (GMT + 7)

The Prime Minister of the Government decides in a disciplined manner in the form of reprimand for Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication.

Decision No. 1123 / QD-TTg signed September 8-9, the Prime Minister decided to disciplined in the form of reprimand for Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, Are disciplined in the party, Decides 783-QD / UBKTTW on July 3, 2018.

Discipline Deputy Minister for Information and Communication Pham Hong Hai - 1

According to the conclusions of the Central Commission for Research, Pham Hong Hai, member of the Party Committee, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, is responsible for the violations and shortcomings of the Committee of the Parties. information and communication period 2011-2016 and 2016-2021. Mr. Hai violated the principle of democratic centralism, work regulations; Lack of responsibility, release management, management, inspection and supervision, so that MobiFone Corporation has seriously violated the project MobiFone Telecom Corporation acquired 95% of the shares of the audiovisual AVG Global Corporation; Directly sign some documents relating to the project with content that is in conflict with the regulations.

Pham Hong Hai is a member of the party committee, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication. Hai was born in 1960, from Nam Truc – Nam Dinh.

Deputy Minister responsible for telecommunications; internet; radio broadcast, radio frequency; flood and storm prevention and control, natural disaster moderation; Renovation of organization management, restructuring, enterprise equivalence, investments, finances and activities of companies; Projects in the field of telecommunication, internet, broadcast transmission, radio frequency.

Deputy Minister Hai leads and leads the following units: Telecommunications Department; Radio frequency department; Central postal department; Enterprise Management Department; Vietnam internet center; Board of directors of the public utility telecommunications program; Vietnam Public Telecom Service Fund; Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group; MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation.

Discipline of three officials of the City Party Committee, Danang People & # 39; s Council

In the morning of 16-1, the inspection committee of the party committee of Danang said the discipline of three officials Bureau of the City Party Commission and the Council.

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