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At the meeting of young Vietnamese intellectuals abroad, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan proposed Phuc to help build the country to overtake the industrial revolution 4.0.

On the morning of 19 August, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc held a meeting with more than 100 outstanding young Vietnamese scientists and academics in the country to participate in the Vietnam Network for Innovative Networks. The program is organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to connect foreign scientists to help push the industrial revolution 4.0 in Vietnam.

Speaking at the meeting, many comments and contributions Young scientists talk about things like the industrial revolution 4.0, robots, automation and look forward to moving to the country and contributing to the development of the country

. Nghiem Duc Long (who works in Australia) said he would work to guide the government to build the 4.0 ecosystem without paying the government.

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<p>  TS. Mr. Trinh Toan (working in the US) expressed the wish to promote the link between domestic and foreign scientists to connect knowledge and solve problems of national development. He suggested that more projects for overseas Vietnamese experts and scientists should come and hope that the government will have an open data system. </p>
<p>  Some comments are also available. To participate in the training of human resources in science and technology for the country, bring the knowledge and experience of working in developed countries to ship in the country. </p>
<p>  Works in the field of robotics and automation, TS. Pham Quang Cuong, a lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), wants to collaborate and participate in projects and industrial installations in Vietnam to develop robots "Made in Vietnam". </p>
<p>  During the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc confirmed that the government always listens to the opinions of people from all walks, including intellectuals. Since there is no science and technology, the country can not develop, will fail, he claimed that the government is always interested in promoting the development of science and technology, given the industrial revolution 4.0 is a great opportunity that "if" The government's policy is to maximize the 4.0 revolution in the industry to help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the economy, so that we stay behind. "</p>
<p> improve the quality of life of people, bring about the scale of the economy even higher, "said the prime minister. </p>
<p>  Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also said that no innovation can arise. The government is developing a national strategy for industrial revolution 4.0 to match its technological capability as one of the solutions to accelerate the creation of innovative centers in technology parks. </p>
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The government has also identified human resources 4.0, 4.0 and culture 4.0. Premier as a big problem is posed when "each child embraces a tablet, every family member in a corner to enter the network, but on the network is good and not good."

Since then, the Prime Minister has emphasized that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 not only offers opportunities, but also major social challenges, such as employment, child protection, information security, network security …

Therefore, the role of domestic and foreign experts and claimed that the government to create the best environment for Vietnamese intellectuals abroad to promote knowledge and experience

Premier said it is necessary to continue to develop the network of innovation, not only today, this week that the organization often

He also expects experts and intellectuals to continue contributing to the successful creation of e-government to direct, Governance is more effective. Ministers should listen to the ideas of intellectuals, create conditions for Vietnamese Vietnamese intellectuals to participate directly in scientific and technological projects and programs.

Estimated more than 100 young Vietnamese scientists will participate in the events of the Network Innovation Program within a week; Meet and talk to a number of ministries, places and large companies.

MPI is working on a project for a National Innovation Center & # 39; to set up and build a network for human resources to implement the Chien

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