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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, chaired by the Government Standing Committee, discusses ten key issues and signs the resolution to remove difficulties in building investments.

In 2 days from 24 to 25 August, the Permanent Government presented to the Ministry of Construction the draft resolution of the government on the main tasks and solutions to overcome problems and difficulties in building investment. During the meeting, the PM signed the resolution.

Earlier, during the national conference on this subject, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Construction to chair the draft resolution and send it to the members of the cabinet for comment.

According to the Ministry of Construction, the legal system for investments in construction has improved. However, the number of investment procedures for the construction is still complicated, the implementation time is still long; Some provisions in the legal documents are contradictory and overlap. The coordination between branches and levels in organizing the implementation of the Construction Investment Act is not tight and current.

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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was the chairman of the government meeting. photo: VGP / Quang Hieu.

Accordingly, motions for resolutions require that ministries, actively reviewing sectors, proposing amendments, additions and promulgation of laws, decrees and circulars within the granted scope.

Specifically, in the phase of preparation and execution of the project, completion of the construction and execution of the project in operation and use, ensure the effectiveness of the management of the state and at the same time timely removal of the shortcomings In practice, with particular administrative procedures, business investment conditions.

Conclusion this content, the Prime Minister said that the implementation of the rules on capital construction should be better, in the spirit of publicity, transparency, anti-loss, corruption, negative.

After the release of the resolution, the Ministry of Construction will coordinate with the relevant agencies in organizing the information and introduction of resolutions, avoiding the situation of unread, ignorant persons "to take the old resolution to speak. .

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Overview of the permanent government meeting. photo: VGP / Quang Hieu.

In addition, the government has heard reports about the construction of harbors in Hai Phong and the management and operation of seaports.

After hearing the views, the Prime Minister said that the planning and investment of this area should be to improve national competitiveness, which would ensure that Lach Huyen's deep-water port is a precondition for attracting an investment world. to Hai Phong. This is not only the port of Hai Phong, but also the northern region. The Prime Minister has instructed the Ministry of Transport and Transport, under the chairmanship of Hai Phong City, to report to the Prime Minister shortly.

As far as the model of the Port Authority Council is concerned, the Prime Minister has given the Ministry of Justice the responsibility to assume the primary responsibility together with the Ministry of Communications and Transport, the People's Committee of the City of Hai Phong, in the spirit of not being generating new devices and new bars. Correct functions and tasks to promote the effectiveness of the port.

According to the master plan, the seaports of Hai Phong will have the capacity of 109-114 million tons per year by 2020, to 178.5-210 million tons by 2030.

Containers are expected to reach about 5.84-6.2 million TEUs per year by 2020, 11.2-12.5 million TEUs each year by 2030. Lach Huyen Port will develop into a modern terminal. It acts as an international gateway port, combined with serving international transhipment purposes.

The prime minister wants Tay Ninh to become a model for enriching agriculture

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc wishes with his strengths, Tay Ninh Province must become a model, go up and be enriched by agriculture.

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Permanent meeting of the government


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