Real gigantic peaches appear: 1 kg / fruit, as cheap as morning glory economically

Nowadays, along the streets in Hanoi, the road is not difficult to catch the masses of gigantic caterpillars in the street, or piled up on the fruit stalls on the market with promo "Sapa peaches".

Meanwhile, on the social networking site, instead of being labeled as "peach Sapa" Vietnamese specialties, the public openly published this type of peach from China, but not from the market but from the "goods inland". Some small traders also called Peach Monkey Peace, and sold for $ 55,000-90,000 per kg, depending on the type.

According to the advertiser, this kind of peach is pink, the bowels are also pale pink, eating a sweet, crunchy and fragrant aroma. In particular, peaches are very heavy, small fruits usually weigh 250 – 300 grams, up to 0.5 kg, even vip fruit weight up to 0.7 – 1 kg.

With enormous weight, appears again with the name "digging" or "digging the Wukong" so that this type of dig is eaten by housewives.

To learn more about the type of peach that causes fever, reporter. VietNamNet was present at the big market of Long Bien (Hanoi) from 4 pm and discovered that this kind of giant peach is sold at the same level. Dumps are placed in a black plastic basket or box filled with trucks or warehouses waiting for customers to collect.

Actual gigantic peaches appear: 1kg / fruit, cheap as water spinach - photo 1The Chinese market is overwhelming the market.

Nguyen Van Canh, a central point to trade this commodity on the wholesale market of Long Bien, confirmed that this is the Chinese peach, but not the Chinese domestic as retailers who advertise. They are like prunes, apples, Chinese grapes are imported through the border in Vietnam.

"Now it's the first season, so it's a lot of money, and the price is lower than in the beginning of the season." Mr. Canh said that he has been selling this dairy wholesaler for retailers for more than a decade. Besides the excavation appears on the market, Vietnam also in the type of excavation, however, mining mines must complete the peach season and dig up the new crown during the harvest season.

According to him, in Sapa (Lao Cai) this kind of peach does not cultivate, but Japan has grown, but the price for Vietnam is very expensive. The price of Chinese peaches is super cheap.

Actual huge peaches appear: 1kg / fruit, cheap as water spinach - photo 2It weighs 1kg.

Fairy has many sizes, 3-4 fruit / kg, type 2 fruit / kg, vip 1 fruit / kg. Accordingly, the price usually ranges from 18,000-25,000 VND / kg, depending on the type. "This fruit weighs 0.5 kg, calculated on only 10,000 VND, a person can not eat fruit.

Mr. Canh also revealed that he traded about 3 tons of Chinese peaches every day in the season, which popular traders buy. Because this is a fairly cheap fruit, retailers can double, triple or even quadruple the wholesale price.

Recognized, a focus of whistleblowers on New Street (Lao Cai) named Thanh Nhan also said, excavation is one of the species originating in China, not "Sapa excavation." In the season, this volume was imported massively with relatively cheap prices.

According to Thanh Nhan, she leaves several tons of Chinese peaches every day for wholesalers from North to South, especially in Hanoi. That is why the goods are often imported, customers get how much. The more expensive the cheaper. For example, if you take a box with peanut prices, that is 25,000 VND / kg (usually 20-25 kg barrel). If taken from 5 boxes or more, the price is 20,000 VND / kg.

According to VietNamNet

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