Retired woman "silver smack" of the model of breeding cockles – market

Monday 01/10/2013 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Weasels raise more than VND 200 million per year to the family of Nguyen Thi Can (62 years old, living in Hung Phu Ward, Cai Rang District, Can Tho City).

Mrs. Cai said she had worked for a fish company in Can Tho before. After retiring, she renovated the backyard for fishing, but the effect is not high because the price of fish on the market is uncertain.

Retired woman

Take care of your cannons.

Previously she was suggested by the son to move to grow crayfish because of the demand for large markets and high prices. Mrs. Lai learns, learns techniques, how you care for mink via newspapers, radio and a knowledge. By 2015 she bravely spent VND 70 million to build a stud farm and then bought 18 adult breeding sisters from Binh Duong.

Retired woman

The woman retired

Retired woman

Weaning 2 month old baby sold to the market for 5 million / pair.

With the exception of the first year of profit, it is not much because of the initial investment costs, in the years thereafter her household income reaches hundreds of millions per year. "Because of the ups and downs in animal breeding, I understand that the root canal has the potential to develop economically, thereby stabilizing family life," she confided.

At this moment, the family of Mrs. Co has 42 small and large crayfish, of which 24 are mink parents. Weaning 2 month old baby sold to the market for 5 million / pair. The need to buy seed is very large, so she can not supply enough mink to the market.

Retired woman

Ripe bananas are a favorite food of mink.

Normally the weaning season usually lasts from 60 to 65 days and the pairings produce only 2-3 times a year, 1-4 births each. The mink food consists mainly of ripe bananas, pork lungs, pork, chicken heads … clean and then cooked to make food for mink.

"Although the purebred but ferret still wild nature, I split the ferrets from each cage to limit the biting of each other," she said.

Wean easy to raise, little care, good resistance … Ba May also use the pitfall around the house to make food for mink, so the investment costs are low. Only with 24 colored pencils, but parents help her income more than 200 million per year.

"I am willing to share the experience gained in the process of educating people when there is a need to learn how to increase." In the coming period I will expand the area and gradually increase the number. mink parents to have a lot of mink on the market.

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