See the interesting sketch of the nakedbike model Yamaha Xabre 2019

Indonesia – Moto Blast has made interesting images of nakedbike model Yamaha Xabre 2019, also known as M-Slaz in Thailand or MT-15 around the world. The price in Indonesia is 49 million dong.

<img src = "" alt = "Yamabata puts the Xabre 2019 in the test run Vehicles can be equipped with LED headlights, bumper cars designed with many thorny roads that look like holes A new type of bonnet plate that is sealed from top to bottom and replaces the plow The rear lights are also refined.

Yamabata Xabre 150cc is the naked bike version of the R15 sports bike, and in the current version the Xabre is equipped with a 149 cc engine. , electronic fuel injection technology FI comes with 6-speed gearboxes, 16 hp maximum capacity at 8,500 rpm and connecting rod, 14,3 Nm at 7,500 rpm, 10.2 liter gas container, and Yamaha Xabre 2019 engine can deliver 155 cubic meters of the new R15 sports car V3.0 with variable valve technology VVA install.

The self-assured The cyclist rides more safely through some disc brakes on both wheels (use 267 mm discs for front wheels and 220 mm rear wheels.) 17 inch wheels with lightweight wheels, 10 with 110/70 front tires and 130/70 rear tires, 805 mm ground clearance, not too high for many Asians, 164 mm under ground clearance to avoid landing gear, no need to slow down while driving. . overhang

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